Wednesday, November 3, 2010


In order for Europe (or, more specifically, European integration) to be sold like beer, a target audience must be established and their specific needs addressed in the sales pitch. This target audience can be individual states or individual citizens, and the sales strategy must be altered depending on whom it is aimed. While states and their top leadership may be swayed by a Europe that promises political clout, individuals are more likely to have needs specific to their socioeconomic conditions. Just as beer-drinkers on a diet can be enticed to buy light beers, Europeans whose socio-economic situations are in need of improvement will buy into a picture of an integrated Europe that provides for its citizens.
Beers exist in a dizzying array of varieties, as each one is created to please the palette of a certain type of consumer. In the same way, the picture of Europe must be painted in as many different lights as there are perspectives of states or individuals. You cannot sell a ‘hands-off’ integrated Europe to a nation or person in dire need of assistance; instead, the sales pitch must highlight the hands-on aspects of Europe that will appeal to their need for social, economic, and physical care.
In addition, when selling Europe to a specific audience, one must portray the benefits of this picture of Europe as drastically outweighing the pitfalls. Just think how much thinner you will become drinking only light beer! Flavor won’t matter when you’re wearing a bikini, looking beautiful, and feeling confident! Spinning every negative view of Europe (or a beer) into a positive one for the target audience is one of the most important tools for selling Europe as a product.

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