Thursday, September 30, 2010

How To Sell Your Story

Hello Blog, its me average American consumer.  The trick with me is that I like feeling informed; however, I am not easily captivated. Therefore, not just any news story will intrigue me. This of course means that journalists are left with the difficult task of getting the news out, but in such a way that people will actually read it. Not so easy.  So today Strasblog is here to aid in this stressful endeavor and outline a few tips concerning what makes a good story.
To begin, the story must be topical. People are interested in the here and now. They want to know what is happening today and even in the future, so leave the past for the historians. The story must also include a scandal or conflict because on a whole people enjoy drama. How else could you explain reality televisions’ booming success? The next criterion is having a human angle. Readers need to be able to relate to the events happening around them, in order to process them and remain interested. Another key element is including facts and quotes. Superficial notions in tabloids can be entertaining, but people want to know that what they are being told is the truth, or at least one version of it. Lastly, is the element of exclusivity. No one enjoys hearing the same story twice. So give the audience what they want. Tell them something no one else has.
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